Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No more teens for me!

One of my grandparents used to say: "when you have kids all you have are kids". I think what he was saying is when you have kids you are in a constant thought process around them.They have your time, your money and most of all your heart. Yes, at some point in their life the world did revolve around them. When you brought them home from the hospital they were dependent on you for everything. And I mean everything. They couldn't eat without you, drink, walk, talk (two of those being annoying things we later in their life wish we hadn't taught them, the walking and talking parts!) Some of them grow out of that "the world revolves around me" stage. They start showing their independance early on. Some earlier than others. Some always feel the world is theirs!

At 6 months they roll over and then start really moving around. Nothing in your household is safe after that. You try to child proof your home for their safety and your peace of mind. But there is always that child who finds his or her way around the safety latches or other precautions you set up for them. They must learn on their own at times. Like the stove is hot! How many times have you repeated the word!? Only to have a little hand reach out for, yes, something hot!

Then we move into the terrrible twos. I know what you are thinking: "terrible twos? mine started at 18 months!" Well, guess what, mine did too!! It seems they start everything a little bit earlier than they used to. The terrible twos are such a fun age. They are learning at such a rapid pace you as a parent can barely keep up. It's about then that you start thinking about a second child because your baby isn't a baby any longer. Then they stop sleeping all night, again and you don't want them to have a sibling, at times you are not sure you even want them! My middle child would tell her grandparents: "I want to stay the night with you the rest of my life." And you would have helped pack their bags. But then they crawl up in your lap, kiss you on the cheek with a wet, sticky, soft set of lips and say "I love you, mommy." And you know without a doubt you are glad you have them in your life and you want more!

Things move along at a better pace then. They are in school, starting sports, learning how to get along with the world, even if it doesn't revovle around them. They are finding out that the opposite sex is a little more interesting. You always know that point in your preteens life because for a boy they start caring if they have bed head before they leave for school. He wants cologne and deodorant. Daughters, if they aren't already interested in makeup and hair they are after they meet that special someone in 5th grade. Then your world is turned upside down, yet, again! Heaven forbid they get their first hearbreak. That is the end of their world as they know it. They will never find another like their first crush. Well, at least not till next week.

High school years are as hard on the parents as it is on their students. Between their academics, sports, sports, sports, oh, yeah and sports and maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend or two they are in another world. Not the one parents (or normal people) hang out in. If you couldn't tell we did a lot of sports in our family. Our lifes revolved around the current sport season. But the one constant in all the years of following our kids to games or meets was concession stand food! Ok, that's a whole other blog! ;)

Towards the end of their high school years it was all about college and what university to apply at. How far can I get away from my parents and my home town? That's what most of them are thinking at that point. They do learn later in life home was a pretty good place to be. It was a whole lot cheaper than being on their own. And as parents, most of us really don't want our first born or even last born to leave too soon. Before they are 30 would be nice but not at 18. I think more moms than dads feel this way!

Whether they choose college or a job right out of high school (and they must choose one!) they still have this thing with the opposite sex. A need to belong. A need for a family of their own. Not all do but I think most people do. Just a movie companion or dinner date to start with. Then that heart gets in the way and they are smitten! There is no turning back at that point. Hopefully at this point in their lives you have already been praying for their future spouses. Then you really start to pray for them. They are going to be making a life long committment! None of us want our kids heart broke over a relationship. But we also want them to marry the right person. So, be praying all their lives for that person they are supposed to marry!

Now they are married and living happily ever after!?!?! Right!!! They are finding out that "when you have kids all you have are kids". And so it begins with the next generation! We parents are so grateful for this cycle of life because then we get beautiful grandbabies out of the deal. Then we can tell our own children: I hope they are just like you! And you know they will be but you will find that what they do that annoyed you when their mom or dad did it at their age you will find it cute coming from your granchild!

As I sit here writing today, my last child, my only son, has turned 20. He is no longer a teen. It's a step in my life that is really hard to comprehend. I have had children or teens under foot for 25 years now. This is a new stage in my life. I will embrace it and love it as I have all the others before it. And I will be forever grateful to my Lord and Savior for giving me these opportunities in my life! The babies I have raised. The grandchildren I have held already and the ones I will hold in the future. I am a blessed woman, indeed!

Thanks for reading today!
God bless you,

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