Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We All Have a Story

Are you a writer? Maybe only in your own mind? Or home?

We all have a story. Even if it's not a story you are willing to share. Then there are those of us who actually put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. And still those of us who have sent in those pages to someone who can do something about it. An agent or publisher.

Where do you fit in? I myself fit in the category of just writing it and not doing anything with it. I am working on the "sending my stories to someone who can do something about it" category. I have several friends on my facebook friend list that are accomplished writers:;;; to name a few.

Do I think they sat around with stories written and just waited on someone to contact them and ask them if they could publish their stories? Not likely. I know for a fact one of them (because she is a close friend and told me so) in her own words: "pimped" herself until she found an amazing agent and earned a great book deal. She worked her tail off for years to promote herself and get ahead in the game. Researched!

Now, you might say, "I am not a writer, nor do I desire to be a writer." Well, this concept works with anything in life. Anything we choose to do we should do with the best of our abilities. Applying ones self to whatever you want out of life is always the best route to go.

Maybe it's a hobby and not a job. I have way too many hobbies in my life. I love all of them but don't do any of them real justice because I try to do to many different things at once. Right now I am taking pottery lessons. It is an amazing feeling to finish firing a pot or other object that I made with my own hands. I have started reading books and magazines and researching on the internet on how to "throw" clay. I am really "feeling" this is a lasting hobby. Of course, that remains to be seen. Its good right now. We shall see in another few months.

Where does your heart lie? What are you putting your time, resources, even your heart into? Are you applying yourself with all your heart? Are you striving to be the best at "it"? (whatever "it" is!) Are you researching your interests? You have always been told (hopefully by supportive parents or other family members) you can be anything you want to be. Well, guess what? You can! You have so much information available to you, you can do anything you want. If you can't teach it to yourself you can go to school to learn it. You can be anything you want to be. Or do anything you want to do. The world is at your finger tips!

Life is way to short to sit around not doing something you love. Even a hobby. Apply yourself with all your heart! Enjoy life to its fullest! Take a risk and start a hobby if you don't have one already. Better yet, I have a few to spare take one of mine!

Just get out and do something!

Tell your story! No one can do it for you!

God bless you,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What a great word, Simplify. 
What does it mean exactly? 

Well merriam-webster on-line says this:
a : to reduce to basic essentials 

b : to diminish in scope or complexity 

For my life this is a very elusive word! I wish it wasn't. But it is. I try almost on a daily bases to keep in mind this word, Simplify. I want a simple life. I think back to when my kids were small. Life, when looking back, was very simple. What happened?!?!? 

When the kids are little, you don't think your life is easy or simple. You are worrying about their future. What will they grow up to be? How will you pay for their college education? Will they follow Jesus? Will they marry the right person? Will they be happy? Will they give you grandchildren?!??!?!?!? Those are the BEST!!!! Worth waiting for!!!!

God doesn't want us to worry or stress about anything in life:
Matthew 6:25-27
“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (NIV)

Later in life as they grow up and set out on their own, you wish you could go back to the "simple" things in life, when they were little. Boy, oh, boy! How the world changes. I have figured out some things to do to "simplify" life. Now, you will notice I didn't say things I do well, just things I have noted would make life easier. 

Are you one of those people who doesn't know how to tell people "NO"? That is a great start. Pick and choose how you spend your time. Are you giving more than you should to everything in your life? We can give to so many around us that we only give a mediocre effort into many things. Narrow down what you give your time to and you will give a more quality effort. Yes, you will disappoint a few people, some will even get angry about your telling them no, but in the end it's your life and your time you are trying to get under control! So, you get to make the call!

I also think of the techno age we are living in. Our children (and grandchildren and ourselves for that matter) have so many things to do that doesn't require other people to be around! We can sit down at a computer or ipad or kindle or ipod or anything else you can think of, and not move for hours! That may seem simple but what toll does that take on the family unit? Do you have dinner together at least once a week as a family? Do you turn off the television and put away the phones and share a meal and family time to reconnect? If you don't, I highly recommend that you try it at least once a week and then try to work up to several times a week. Find out what is going on in each others lives. You might find out something about your kids you didn't already know!  And maybe even some things you really didn't want to know!

It's hard and there are so many things we can justify as important in our lives, that keep us from slowing down and smelling the roses!  You have to determine for yourself and your family if you really want to "Simplify" your lives. I for one am choosing to slow down and smell the roses. My grandsons LOVE to smell the roses!

It's time to re-prioritize our lives! Slow down! Sit on the porch a spell! Get to know yourself again!  You could discover some old interest that you have forgotten about. Oh, wait that would cause more doing! OK, now I must go prioritize my life! Just remember to enjoy your life and don't fill it up with "stuff"! Don't look up and realize your kids are grown and doing their own "things", without you! 

SIMPLIFY NOW! It will pay off in the long run!

What do you need to simplify in your life? Please, share in the hopes of helping others with their own "things". Then put it into practice and check back and let us know what is working and whats not.

God bless you and your efforts,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pedal, pedal, pedal

How many times have you heard the term "keep your head down and plow"? If you haven't, sorry, you have missed out on some words of wisdom. If you have, hopefully you know what it meant. Keep your head down and plow is a clear, albeit a farmer's way, of telling you to do your work till the end. Don't worry about what is going on around you. It may not be your business so don't make it your business. Keep your eyes on your goal. Get your job done. I think you get the idea.

Well, thanks to my then (last summer) almost 3 year old grandson, Camden, I have a new one for you. He was learning to ride his bike with training wheels, yes he could barely reach the pedals, but that didn't stop him. He was with his grandpa, Johnny, at our house outside practicing riding his bike. Johnny heard him saying: pedal, pedal, pedal. Grandpa observed his determination in coaching himself on how to ride his bike. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

There is a lesson in this story for all of us. What are you pedaling for?

What do you need to remind yourself how to do? Pedal, pedal, pedal.

What are some challenges that you are facing? Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Are you putting one foot in front of the other? Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Take baby steps if you have to. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Always know the goal you strive to reach. Pedal, pedal, pedal

Dream it. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Just go get it! Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Out of the mouth of babes we can learn a lot about life.
Those little babies can teach us so much.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14 They are a wise, courageous, innocent bunch even Jesus knew this!

So what it is you need to pedal towards today?
Let my grandson's words of wisdom guide you on this day.

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!

God bless,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No more teens for me!

One of my grandparents used to say: "when you have kids all you have are kids". I think what he was saying is when you have kids you are in a constant thought process around them.They have your time, your money and most of all your heart. Yes, at some point in their life the world did revolve around them. When you brought them home from the hospital they were dependent on you for everything. And I mean everything. They couldn't eat without you, drink, walk, talk (two of those being annoying things we later in their life wish we hadn't taught them, the walking and talking parts!) Some of them grow out of that "the world revolves around me" stage. They start showing their independance early on. Some earlier than others. Some always feel the world is theirs!

At 6 months they roll over and then start really moving around. Nothing in your household is safe after that. You try to child proof your home for their safety and your peace of mind. But there is always that child who finds his or her way around the safety latches or other precautions you set up for them. They must learn on their own at times. Like the stove is hot! How many times have you repeated the word!? Only to have a little hand reach out for, yes, something hot!

Then we move into the terrrible twos. I know what you are thinking: "terrible twos? mine started at 18 months!" Well, guess what, mine did too!! It seems they start everything a little bit earlier than they used to. The terrible twos are such a fun age. They are learning at such a rapid pace you as a parent can barely keep up. It's about then that you start thinking about a second child because your baby isn't a baby any longer. Then they stop sleeping all night, again and you don't want them to have a sibling, at times you are not sure you even want them! My middle child would tell her grandparents: "I want to stay the night with you the rest of my life." And you would have helped pack their bags. But then they crawl up in your lap, kiss you on the cheek with a wet, sticky, soft set of lips and say "I love you, mommy." And you know without a doubt you are glad you have them in your life and you want more!

Things move along at a better pace then. They are in school, starting sports, learning how to get along with the world, even if it doesn't revovle around them. They are finding out that the opposite sex is a little more interesting. You always know that point in your preteens life because for a boy they start caring if they have bed head before they leave for school. He wants cologne and deodorant. Daughters, if they aren't already interested in makeup and hair they are after they meet that special someone in 5th grade. Then your world is turned upside down, yet, again! Heaven forbid they get their first hearbreak. That is the end of their world as they know it. They will never find another like their first crush. Well, at least not till next week.

High school years are as hard on the parents as it is on their students. Between their academics, sports, sports, sports, oh, yeah and sports and maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend or two they are in another world. Not the one parents (or normal people) hang out in. If you couldn't tell we did a lot of sports in our family. Our lifes revolved around the current sport season. But the one constant in all the years of following our kids to games or meets was concession stand food! Ok, that's a whole other blog! ;)

Towards the end of their high school years it was all about college and what university to apply at. How far can I get away from my parents and my home town? That's what most of them are thinking at that point. They do learn later in life home was a pretty good place to be. It was a whole lot cheaper than being on their own. And as parents, most of us really don't want our first born or even last born to leave too soon. Before they are 30 would be nice but not at 18. I think more moms than dads feel this way!

Whether they choose college or a job right out of high school (and they must choose one!) they still have this thing with the opposite sex. A need to belong. A need for a family of their own. Not all do but I think most people do. Just a movie companion or dinner date to start with. Then that heart gets in the way and they are smitten! There is no turning back at that point. Hopefully at this point in their lives you have already been praying for their future spouses. Then you really start to pray for them. They are going to be making a life long committment! None of us want our kids heart broke over a relationship. But we also want them to marry the right person. So, be praying all their lives for that person they are supposed to marry!

Now they are married and living happily ever after!?!?! Right!!! They are finding out that "when you have kids all you have are kids". And so it begins with the next generation! We parents are so grateful for this cycle of life because then we get beautiful grandbabies out of the deal. Then we can tell our own children: I hope they are just like you! And you know they will be but you will find that what they do that annoyed you when their mom or dad did it at their age you will find it cute coming from your granchild!

As I sit here writing today, my last child, my only son, has turned 20. He is no longer a teen. It's a step in my life that is really hard to comprehend. I have had children or teens under foot for 25 years now. This is a new stage in my life. I will embrace it and love it as I have all the others before it. And I will be forever grateful to my Lord and Savior for giving me these opportunities in my life! The babies I have raised. The grandchildren I have held already and the ones I will hold in the future. I am a blessed woman, indeed!

Thanks for reading today!
God bless you,

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Mother's Heart

I've heard so many mother's and children's poems, statements, sayings or whatever you want to call them, about being a mom and raising a child. They talk about life as a mother. The joys! The pitfalls! The triumphs! The failures! They make you think And some times cry!

Today I am thinking of a few as I prepare for my 19 year old baby boy to move out on his own. Granted he is only moving in an apartment about two miles down the road (I tell him that is why I am crying, he is only moving two miles away, but we both know I lie!) It's one of those steps everyone has to make some time in their life. Some leave home for college, some for marriage, and some because they are 19 and ready to spread their wings and soar!

As I sit here this morning and think about life, I think back to the days when things seemed more simple. The kids fighting over who got the front seat in the car on the way to town (SHOTGUN!, as it was so affectionately screamed at our house). Whose turn it is to clean out the dishwasher. Whose turn it is to feed and water the dog. I didn't know it but we had a fourth child named "not mine" in our household as many of you probably did! Or still do.

As they grew up you started dealing with the big issues: BOYS!!!! was a big one in our house of two daughters. Sports being a close second to the dating drama. Sometimes I wish the only thing I had to deal with was getting homework done for the day! And then I think back to days of homework and I remember the other issues, BOYS and SPORTS!! Who had time for homework?!?!?!

We survived our three amazing children's childhoods with minor wear and tear and all body parts intact (a few broke but all accounted for! mostly on Kelli!) Which leads to the question of how did we prepare them for their future as spouses and parents? Or just grown ups? Our oldest is an amazing mommy, yoga studio owner and yoga instructor. Our middle child is a NICU nurse at a large hospital in El Paso. Our baby has been working for the same heating and air conditioning company for two years. This is only a small part of what they do. They are productive citizens in our society. This is not necessarily who they are. They all three attend church with their families. Are involved with their churches in some way besides filling a pew on Sunday morning. I say all this not for my credit but for God's Glory. He gave us amazing children and allowed us to raise them as we saw fit. I pray we have done well by Him.

Back to some of those sayings! Two that really hit home today!

"A mother holds her child's hand for a little while....their hearts forever!"
“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

So, on this day, as my beautiful baby boy packs up his belongings and moves them to another home to start his own future and his own past, I cry, I smile, I laugh and then I probably buy the pizza!!!

Love your children more than you have to!!  They truly are gifts from God!

God bless all,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing catch up!

Wow, time sure flies when your......well living! May not all be fun, but its life! I have been writing more. Not blogging much as you can tell. I am working on that. I have started two books in the last several weeks. I am really excited about both of them being completed. Of course, that is a few days (months) down the road. I am enjoying making my time what I want it to be though.

I have been following several writer's blogs and learning the trade a little bit better every day! Isn't that what we are here for? To learn. If you aren't learning then you aren't growing. Not growing? Getting stagnant! Stagnant things stink!! I don't want to be a stinker! So, I am learning all I can about being a published writer. I have attended my first writer's conference. I have to say it was overwhelming but amazing.Met a lot of nice helpful people. I am looking forward to attending many more in the near future.

I now tweet! Still not sure about that one! With thanks and gratitude to @KristenLambTX. I am learning (trying to) what tweeting is all about! Check out her blog: 
If you aspire to be a writer or just have questions about social media, she's your girl! She is the author of WE ARE NOT ALONE: The Writer's Guide to Social Media

I don't feel like I have any words of wisdom in my head today. Probably too much time on my hands! Adjusting to not working is challenging. I think I will survive OK but it's taking me a bit to get the hang of it. (I know what your thinking, poor baby! I get it, I am blessed to not have to work any longer! I know this, thanks for the reminder, though!) I'm not good at scheduling my writing time and my blogging time and other aspects of the writer's life! But I am up to the challenge! 

So for now I will keep on keeping on and writing and looking forward to being a published writer some day! If you don't believe in yourself who will!!??

Be sure and check out Kristen's blog.

Prayers and happy writing

Friday, March 11, 2011

Book Review ~ Flight of Shadows

Caitlyn Brown has a genetic secret that could change the world. But all she wants to do is live a normal life. With a bounty hunter, a scientist, and a rouge cop looking for her all she can do is run.
With the help of two men she has feelings for and the need for escape she does just that, run. The plan is to go west but who can she trust to get her there?

Take a trip into the heart of compelling moral questions about science and society with this sequel to Sigmund Brouwer's Broken Angel. Not having read book one, I wasn't lost through out this book. It does make me want to read Broken Angel.
It's a must read for Science Fiction/Futuristic buffs out there.

I received a copy of this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing group for this review. All opinions are my own.

The Doubleday Religious Publishing